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Technical Services

Slant/Fin Technical Services

How to contact us for technical assistance

For Slant/Fin technical support, you may contact your area Slant/Fin sales representative, or contact the Technical Service department at the Slant/Fin factory. The area Slant/Fin sales representative is your local source for product and technical information. Plus, they can coordinate your requirements with your Slant/Fin wholesaler and the factory.

Contact the Slant/Fin Technical Service Department

Phone: 905-277-8400


For product literature and non-technical matters, please contact Slant/Fin at the main phone number:905-277-8400 or, e-mail:

Slant/Fin application guidance and troubleshooting support is just a phone call away. The Technical Service group at Slant/Fin is recognized as one of the finest in the hydronic heating industry.

The Slant/Fin Technical Service staff is a valuable resource to assist with job sizing, heat loss and equipment selection, as well as piping, electrical and zoning issues. The choices we help you make can optimize heating system performance, comfort and efficiency.

Replacement parts and material return authorization is also available through the Technical Service department.

System design & product application information. Engineer support.

When you are designing a new or replacement heating system, we can help you with job sizing, heat loss and equipment selection, as well as piping, electrical and zoning issues. We’ll help you make the choices that optimize your customer’s system performance, comfort and efficiency. When you are specifying Slant/Fin commercial heating equipment, we can provide comprehensive submittal materials.

A large collection of piping and wiring diagrams as well as dimensional drawings are available, in pdf and CAD format, on the Slant/Fin website or through the Technical Service department. Click here to go to the on-line technical drawing selector.

With more boiler and baseboard heating models than anyone in the industry, Slant/Fin offers you more options to meet the comfort, budget and logistic requirements of virtually any hydronic heating job. We can help you compare models and understand the products’ performance data and application options.

Service, Repair and Parts for Slant/Fin Boilers

If you’re a professional heating contractor and you have service questions or a unique product installation issue, we can help steer you quickly to a solution that will get your system up and running. Many service parts are available at local Slant/Fin wholesalers. And when not in stock, our priority shipping program can get most Slant/Fin boiler parts in hands of a Slant/Fin wholesaler the next morning.

If you are a home or business owner, and need service for your Slant/Fin boiler, contact your installing heating contractor. Or, contact any qualified professional heating contractor. For the name of a professional contractor in your area, contact a Slant/Fin wholesale distributor, or contact the Slant/Fin sales representative for your area listed on the “Contact Us” page of the website.