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VGH Residential Gas Boilers

VGH Residential Gas Boiler Boiler Spec
System:Hot Water
Capacity:80-200 MBU
Efficiency:to 95.2%

The VGH boiler is a high efficiency, water tube condensing boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger and includes electronic front facing text control panel with data logging. It has a small footprint, and is lightweight. Boiler stats can be checked from a smart phone (with optional equipment). It's an ideal choice for new construction.

The VGH boiler is designed with an Isothermic stainless steel water tube heater exchanger which features larger water passages that increases heat output and protects against the adverse effects of changing operating conditions.

Boiler features

  • Enhanced water tube heat exchanger
  • Easy to use & setup control with full text and graphical interface
  • Built in boiler circulator on all models
  • 10:1 turndown
  • Up to 150' equivalent feet of venting and 150' equivalent feet of intake air
  • Combi Models DHW input exceeds space heating input by as much as 25%
  • Built for easy serviceability

Control Features

  • Full text control and data log
  • Error logging with time and date stamp
  • Outdoor reset with boost function
  • Cascade control up to 16 boilers
  • Remote access capable