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350-10 & 350-14 Light Commercial Baseboard

350 Series Light Commercial BaseboardBoiler Spec
Application:19-gauge or 16-gauge steel front cover, 24-gauge back cover.
Output: 393 to 1375 Btuh
Lengths:2' - 8'
Heights:9-7/8" (one tier)
13-7/8" (one or two tier)

High-Ouput, Slope-Top Baseboard

Series 350-10/14 baseboard combines, for the first time, the compactness and economy of baseboard with the high output and heavy-duty construction needed for “in-between” applications. Optional 1" and 1-1/4" copper/aluminum elements permit higher flow rates, longer series-loop runs and lower pump loads where required. With the 1-1/4" all-steel element, Series 350-10/14 is perfect for use in one or two pipe steam systems. Series 350-10/14 is factory pre-assembled in individual cartons for rapid installations.

  • Interchangeable heating elements
  • Room control damper optional
  • Double-bent aluminum fins won’t loosen
  • Expansion noises banished
  • Extra backbone
  • Dent-proof, kick-proof front panel
  • Stronger tubes for longer service

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Series 350-10/14 is engineered throughout for maximum strength. Super-strong enclosures. Extra-strength steel brackets. Heavy-duty copper and steel tubing with full mill rated bursting strength. Rock-solid interlocking-fin elements so strong you can stand on them.

CONTRACTOR-DESIGNED for fast, economical installation. Series 350-10/14 goes straight from carton to wall without disassembling, sorting parts, wasting time. Factory pre-cut lengths of 2 to 8 feet combine with snap-on telescoping accessories to make wall-to-wall installations without cutting.

PACKAGING: Series 350-10/14 baseboard cover and heating elements are packaged separately. Cover includes brackets and expansion guides. Cover may be ordered with optional fully modulating damper

CONSTRUCTION: Back panel, front cover and optional damper fully assembled at factory, ready to fasten to the wall.

ELEMENT SUPPORT: Self-adjusting, polypropylene expansion cradles are positioned over support brackets, allowing quiet expansion

FINISH: Nu-White (19 ga.); electro-gal.(16 ga.).

ELEMENTS: Choice of five. Copper with aluminum fins: H-1, H-3, H-4 and H-5X; steel with electro-galvanized steel fins: H-6