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Breathe new life into your aging baseboard!

Boiler Spec

Watch the easy installation video

  • Revital/Line™ fits over 90% of all brands of standard residential baseboard...Ours and theirs! (up to 8.5" H x 3" D)
  • Available in 2 ft - 8 ft (including 3.5 ft)
  • No tools needed for most installations
  • Lab tested for Maximum Heat Output
  • Powder-coated for a Durable, Enamel-like finish
  • Standard color is Brite White, also available in 8 other Decorator Colors
  • Made from Recycled Aluminum

Slant/Fin's Revital/Line™ pre-cut covers are designed to replace covers on baseboard up to 8.5"H x 3"D. Simply measure your current baseboard, choose your color, and you're ready to begin. To install pop off the old, worn covers, and slip on (directly over the back panel) a perfectly sized set of sleek, modern units... quickly and easily!

These covers provide better durability and up to 40% higher heat output than the leading replacement covers on the market.

It's amazing how simple it is to transform the look of any room. And, best of all—anyone can do it! Slant/Fin takes the guesswork out of…and puts our unsurpassed quality into... every Revital/Line™ makeover.

This product is for Hydronic Baseboards only.