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R Series Commercial Radiation

R Series Commercial Radiation Boiler Spec
Material: 18-gauge cover,
16 & 14-ga optional
Lengths:2' to 8' Depth
Heights:9 7/8" (one tier)
14" (one tier)
21" (one or two tier)
28" (up to three tier)
Depth: 5-1/4"

R Series: Flat-Top Enclosure

CONSTRUCTION: Single piece cover mounts on wall brackets. Damper optional.

WALL BRACKETS/HANGERS: Order separately, specify BKT (bracket only) or BKT ASSY (bracket complete with SC hangers) followed by cover stock number and quantity.

FINISH: Electro galvanized standard. Custom color baked enamel available on special order. Anodized architectural aluminum grille optional.

ELEMENTS: Copper with aluminum fins: C-340, C-440, C-540. Steel with electro-galvanized steel fins: S-532, S-540, S-832. Lengths from 2' to 12'.

JOINTS: Slip joint connectors align cover sections which butt to one another, providing a near seamless joint. Use of telescopic accessories eliminates the need to perfectly butt one length of cover to the next. Critical linear and vertical tolerances are eliminated because telescopic assembly absorbs misalignment that might result from uneven floors and walls.

RR-10, RR-14, RR-21 and RR-28 are special order models and require a full or 4 inch back panel. Allows for 3/4" recess into wall and protects wall covering in case removing of enclosure is necessary. Electro-galvanized finish is standard. Optional baked enamel finish available.