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Multi/Pak 90 Series Commercial Radiation

Material: 18-gauge galvanized steel top & front-cover
Lengths:2' to 8'

Multi/Pak® 90 Series

On your commercial heating jobs, select the product that installs faster, looks better, lasts longer and saves money -- Multi/Pak 90. These 2-piece fin-tube enclosures are fully packaged and in stock at our factory and local Slant/Fin wholesale distributor

Multi/Pak 90 provides what you need:

  • slope-top and flat-top styling
  • wide choice of elements for hot water or steam
  • precision built accessories
  • 2-piece enclosures are factory packaged
  • In stock at Slant/Fin wholesalers
  • Three models, in slope-top and flat-top styling
  • 1-tier and 2-tier heights
  • Wide choice of hot water or steam heating elements
  • Precision built accessories

Select a model:

Multipak 93
Multi/Pak 90
Multipak 93
Multi/Pak 93
Multipak 93
Multi/Pak 95