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Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard

Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial Baseboard Boiler Spec
Application:Residential and light commercial hot water or steam heating
Output: 730 to 1030 Btuh
Height:8-7/8" "
Lengths:2' - 8'

Heavy-Duty Baseboard

Multi/Pak 80 is the ideal choice for deluxe residential heating or for a broad range of light commercial heating requirements. With a choice of heating elements for hot water or steam systems, output ranges from 730 to 1030 Btuh (with 200°water temperature). It' s built with hefty brackets and an 18-gauge front panel.

Slant/Fin - the Contractor's choice for quality and reliability

Multi/Pak 80 accepts any one of five interchangeable H-Series Slant/Fin heating elements. With the optional high-output 3⁄4”copper/aluminum element, it is the perfect alternative to bulky commercial enclosures in high heat loss areas. Multi/Pak 80 is also ideal as a supplement to Slant/Fin residential baseboard in locations where wall space is limited and higher outputs are required.

The choice of engineers and contractors for quality and reliability

Multi/Pak 80 Light Commercial BaseboardFor over 40 years, Slant/Fin E-Series heating elements have set the industry standard for heating performance and silent performance. Double bent aluminum fins won't loosen. Long-lasting self-adjusting plastic expansion cradles eliminate noisy metal to metal contact.

Multi/Pak 80 is manufactured with contractor-friendly features for quick, trouble free installation, without annoying callbacks. Design features include a super strong enclosure, high strength support brackets, no-noise expansion cradles, fully modulating damper, high performance heating element and precision accessories. A 2" floor-to-front cover opening promotes good air circulation for effective convection heating. Multi/Pak 80 baseboard is made in lengths up to 8 ft. and shipped fully assembled in Zip-Strip cartons for fast, easy installation.

Quality Slant/Fin heating elements provide high performance heating

The five interchangeable Slant/Fin H-Series heating elements provide the versatility to meet a wide range of heating requirements.Four copper/aluminum and one steel element let Multi/Pak 80 fit the needs of both hot water and steam heating systems.

Pre-cut lengths,precision accessories, make a perfect fit, neat appearance

Multi/Pak 80 can be installed in virtually any room space without cutting to fit. With the 3-1/2’ baseboard length, you can figure runs in half-foot increments. Telescopic accessories, including 7” and 14” filler sleeves make up odd inches. The wide assortment of heavy duty, full cut, precision made accessories, including drawn steel end caps and wall trim, provide a neat, finished look.

Baseboard convection heating offers much better cold weather heating comfort

Slant/Fin hot water baseboard heating provides natural convection perimeter heating that blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls where they originate. No annoying on-and-off blowing ducts.Easy to zone.

Made by the leader in baseboard heating

No one is more experienced than Slant/Fin in designing and manufacturing baseboard with the right features for ease of installation, good value, superb performance and long life.