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Model HWT Indirect-Fired Storage Water Heaters

Model WH Water Heater Boiler Spec

Rapid recovery rate.
40, 60 & 80 gal. units deliver 188 gals. hot water per hour

Efficiency: Standby loss less than
1 degree per hour

The last water heater you'll
ever buy

For deluxe hot water service throughout your home, choose a Slant/Fin indirect-fired storage water heater. Equipped with its own heat exchanger coil, it offers better efficiency, faster recovery and longer life than a gas or oil direct-fired water heater. The Slant/Fin water heater provides an ample, continuous supply of hot water for your kitchen, bath and laundry.

  • Long life titanium enameled steel tank.
  • Extremely low standby loss; saves energy.
  • Faster recovery. More hot water per hour.
  • 3 sizes: 40 gal., 60 gal., and 80 gal.

Much faster recovery for more hot water per hour

This Slant/Fin water heater is the most efficient in the industry, with a standby temperature loss of less than 1 degree per hour. Hot water in the carbon steel storage tank stays hot longer because there’s no flue heat loss plus the tank is protected by an environmentally friendly polyurethane insulation. The extremely fast recovery means more gallons of hot water per hour for kitchen, bath and laundry. A carbon steel smooth tube heat exchanger coil with titanium enamel coating restores full water temperature two to five times faster than direct-fired units. The coil resists mineral build-up and its large diameter keeps pressure drop low.

Resists rust and corrosion

The carbon steel tank resists rust and corrosion. All models supplied with 2 magnesium anti-corrosion anodes. The coil is continually scrubbed clean by the flow of incoming water. The heater’s exterior steel jacket is powder coated so it won’t chip or rust.

The fully sealed design of the Slant/Fin water heater provides an extremely stable operating environment, resulting in many, many years of service. Heaters in residential use are covered by a 7 year manufacturers warranty

How it works

The Slant/Fin water heater is connected to your boiler just like a heating zone. Hot water from your boiler circulates through a heat exchanger coil built into the center of the water heater. The hot coil then heats the domestic water in the tank. Since each system is totally sealed, water from the boiler is never mixed with the storage water. This heating “loop” is only activated when the temperature of the water inside the tank drops below the control temperature.