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The Kicker Kickspace Heater

The Kicker Kickspace Heater Boiler Spec
System: Hot water only
nVoltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz.
TK-90:0.72 F.L.A., 41 Watts
TK-70:0.62 F.L.A., 37 Watts
Capacity: 4437 - 10218 Btuh
Range: 140 - 220 °F

Multi-purpose fan convection heater

When there’s not enough wall space to install baseboard radiation, install The Kicker by Slant/Fin. The compact Kicker provides the heat output of up to 12 feet of baseboard, depending on the model you choose. Sized to fit under cabinets or between wall studs, The Kicker is simple to install and easy to operate.

Set it and forget it

The Kicker is generally installed with baseboard or other radiators that make up a heating zone. An aquastat inside The Kicker activates The Kicker’s fan so that it automatically turns on and off, delivering a quiet flow of heat to the room whenever the water in the heating zone is hot. A convenient switch enables the user to set the fan speed at high, low or off. The Kicker may also be installed as a separate zone with its own room thermostat.

Unique manifold heat exchanger provides better performance

The unique manifold-type heat exchanger of The Kicker provides higher heat output while minimizing friction loss. The supply water in each of the short loops off the manifold makes just a single pass through the heat exchanger. This provides higher supply water temperature to a greater percentage of the heat exchanger fins than a serpentine coil. Since this configuration helps minimize pressure drop, you can often install The Kicker in the same heating loop with baseboard without diverting tees. That reduces installation costs.

The Kicker - Diagram

  1. High performance manifold-type heat exchanger.
  2. Two built-in air vent tappings. Coin or screwdriver access.
  3. Brazed tube joints resist rigors of installation and years of operation.
  4. 1/2" hot water supply and return fittings.
  5. Aluminum turbo fin heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer.
  6. Expanded copper tube bonds fin to copper for high heat transfer.
  7. Heavy duty 2-speed blower motor for extended life. Internally cooled. Permanently lubricated.
  1. Aluminum squirrel cage blower.
  2. Aquastat permits blower operation only when the water temperature is above 130°F.
  3. Three-position blower switch is easily accessible.
  4. Hot dipped galvanized chassis resists rust and corrosion.
  5. Rubber grommets cushion chassis for quiet operation.
  6. 22" matte black grille.