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Hydronic Floor Box

Hydronic Floor Box Boiler Spec
Application: Hot Water Heating for Glass Wall/Door Areas
Output: 3230 Btuh
Height: 8-9/16”
Lengths: 6-3/16”
Depth: 65”

Hydronic Floor Box

The Hydronic Floor Box provides uninterrupted heating comfort at glass wall areas such as patio doors, floor length windows, and other areas where there is insufficient wall space for baseboard. It recesses neatly into the floor and may be connected directly to a baseboard loop.

The floor box is thermodynamically designed to maximize convection heating effectiveness. A built-in baffle channels the cold incoming air to the bottom of the box, where it is then drawn up over the finned heating element and discharged into the room. The warm blanket of exiting air blocks chills and drafts from penetrating the room.

A hefty steel grille withstands heavy traffic. It overlaps the floor opening and is easily
removed for cleaning the floor box. Using a 5 foot H-3 heating element, the unit provides 3230 Btuh.*