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HD Series Light Commercial Baseboard

HD Series Light Commercial Baseboard Boiler Spec
Application:16-gauge steel front cover, 20-gauge back panel
Lengths:2' - 8'
Heights:8-1/2" (one tier) 14" (one or two tier)

HD Series: Heavy Duty Baseboard

The extraordinary strength of HD Series baseboard makes it ideal for installation in sites where rugged treatment is anticipated. HD Series is especially recommended for schools, institutions and multi-family housing. Its compact size and high output make it suitable for a wide range of new and retrofit applications. In addition to heavy gauge enclosure and support brackets, HD Series baseboard cover is secured in place with screws at each bracket location. 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" copper/aluminum elements permit higher flow rates, longer series-loop runs and lower pump loads where required. With the 1-1/4" all-steel element, HD Series is perfect for use in one or two pipe steam systems. HD Series is factory pre-assembled in individual cartons for rapid installations.

PACKAGING: Complete two-piece enclosure assembly factory packaged with necessary brackets and hangers.

CONSTRUCTION: Full back panel with interlocking slope-top front panel. Bracket with element guide spot welded to back panel every 24" alternating with cabinet spacer welded to back panel every 24" giving rigid support to front every 12". There are dimpled anchoring holes every 12". For fastening front to brackets, use 8 x 3/8" self tapping screws with countersunk head as supplied in carton. Pencil proof louvers. Damper optional.

FINISH: Galvanized is standard. Available in baked enamel. Custom color available on special order.

ELEMENTS: Choice of five heating elements. Copper with aluminum fins. Steel with electro-galvanized steel fins. Lengths from 2 to 8'. From 710 to 1340 Btu/hr/ft at 200 F water temperature.

JOINTS: Telescopic cover accessories eliminate the need to perfectly butt one length of cover to the next. Critical linear and vertical tolerances are eliminated because telescopic assembly absorbs misalignment that might result from uneven floors and walls. Accessories have a screw hole to secure accessories to front cover. Pan head screws supplied by others.