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Eutectic EC-10 DV Direct Vent Oil Boilers - WATER

Eutectic EC-10 Oil Boilers – WATER Boiler Spec
System:Hot Water
Capacity: 91,000 – 161,000 BTU
Efficiency: 87% AFUE

Eutectic EC-10 DV Oil Boilers

The EC-10 DV has a proprietary cast iron eutectic heat exchanger that is resistant to thermal shock and corrosion.  The cast iron is flexible and resilient which allows for lower temperature operation especially with outdoor reset controls. This yields significant energy savings.

The EC Series efficiency is a result of the boiler’s unique three pass design heat exchanger with specially designed baffles for maximum heat exchanger contact, flue turbulation and heat transfer. AFUE is 87%.

The three pass design of the Eutectic makes it very quiet too. There is plenty of room for thermal expansion of the flue gasses to keep burner and flame noise to a very minimum. It is easy to clean, the door is reversible, the baffles are removable and brushing the flueways is a snap.

The Eutectic boiler, like other Slant/Fin oil boilers, will operate cleanly under all the different operating conditions. We’ve done the testing and have matched burners and components to this boiler to make sure the boiler will stay running clean after you leave the job.

  • Quiet
  • 87 % Efficiency
  • Three pass heat exchanger maximizes heat transfer
  • Easy to clean, operates clean
  • Resilient, flexible, Eutectic cast iron
    • Resistant to thermal shock and corrosion
    • Outdoor reset compatible with low water temps
  • Hinged, reversible swing out door for fast,easy cleaning
  • Available Riello burners
  • Vents directly to the outdoors