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Bare Elements Commercial Radiation

Lengths:Precut standard lengths
S Series: 2' - 10'
C, E and H Series: 2' - 8'
Finish: Copper/Aluminum or Steel - natural finish

Boiler SpecBare Elements:
Steel & Copper/Aluminum

STRONGER, EASY TO JOIN ELEMENTS Slant/Fin makes 12 types of fin-tube which may be used with the various Slant/Fin enclosures. Instead of light-wall tubing, Slant/Fin uses only copper seamless-drawn tubing or Schedule 40 steel pipe. Many fin's have a tongue-and-groove collar which interlocks with the next fin for accurate and uniform spacing and prevents fins from twisting loose. This full wall thickness and strength of copper tubing and IPS steel pipe are maintained by forcing tubing through undersized fin holes under high hydraulic pressure. A force-fit mechanical bond is attained which maintains maximum heat transfer indefinitely. Compact models (E-75, H-3 and H-4) feature double bent aluminum fins, providing extra heating surface in a slimmer profile. Edges of each fin are wedged against the next. Fins reinforce each other - won’t be crushed, bent or twisted. End fins are of plated steel for extra ruggedness. Expanded copper tubing ends eliminate couplings, reduce soldering. Steel elements are factory threaded at both ends.

Packaging: Factory packaged in individual cartons (except E-75 which is packaged 3 elements to a carton). “E” and “H” elements include plastic expansion cradles.

S-532 S-532 C-340 C-340 H-6X H-1 H-5X H-5X
S-540 S-540 C-440 C-440 S-532 H-3 H-6X H-6X
S-832 S-832 C-540 C-540 C-540 H-4 E-75 E-75