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Caravan Modular Boilers

Slant/Fin Caravan Modular Boilers Boiler Spec
Fuel:Gas, Oil, Power Gas
System:Hot Water or Steam
Capacity:280,000 - Multi-million
Btuh input

Slant/Fin Caravan Modular Boilers.

A Caravan modular boiler system is the smart way to heat your building. A Caravan system, consisting of two or more compact modules installed in series, offers significant advantages in terms of installed cost, efficiency and reliability. It's easy to size a system to your individual heating requirements, or to add to the system later should your needs change.

  • Combustion efficiency to 83% for gas; 85.9% for oil
  • New or replacement installations
  • Closed loop process applications
  • All metal push nipples
  • Easy to install
  • Microprocessor based controls step fire modules and modulate
    water temperatures
  • Step firing uses less fuel than single boilers
  • Built-in back-up for reliable heat
  • Up to 100 psi water working pressure

Advanced controls monitor outside conditions to modulate system water temperature.

Caravan microprocessor system controls monitor the outside air temperature and the temperature of the water circulating through the building's heating system. As the outside temperature rises or falls, the Caravan system responds by lowering or increasing the system's water temperature. It automatically fires additional modules to meet demand or turns them off as demand decreases. The SC Series controls are so advanced they use computer logic to step-fire boiler modules, maintaining more consistent building comfort.

Caravan modulars "step-fire" to use less fuel than
a single big boiler.

A boiler operates most efficiently when its capacity is being fully utilized to provide heat or hot water. Yet a typical single boiler's full output is generally needed for less than 20% of the year, when the coldest weather occurs. The rest of the time it wastes fuel because it fires at full capacity to meet a partial load.

By step-firing just enough modules to meet demand, Caravan systems operate efficiently through the entire year. Caravan modules are energized one at a time as needed. Each module's full capacity is utilized before the next module is energized.