Lynx and VSL Boiler Mandatory Warranty Registration Form

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Lynx and VSL Boiler Mandatory Warranty Registration Form

IMPORTANT - To activate the five year Home Owner Product Protection Plan and to receive important future notices concerning the operation and maintenance of your boiler you must complete. Submit this online registration or return the registration card provided.

The extra protection plan is available free with our Lynx and VSL boilers used in residential application, when the boiler is registered within 30 days of installation. All labour must be done by a contractor who is pre-approved with Slant/Fin LTD/LTEE. Administration of this program is handled directly through Slant/Fin LTD/LTEE. For additional information regarding the extended warranty see paperwork proved with your boiler.

The operation of your boiler involved fuel combustion, exhaust of fumes, transfer of heat and the performance of multiple mechanical and electrical systems.

From time to time, it may be necessary to inform you of new safety codes and new maintenance requirements related to your boiler. Or there may be notices or information to send to you concerning certain accessory equipment mounted on your boiler, which are made by other manufacturers (these include the burner, valves, controls, etc.) This information may be extremely important to you.

The boiler serial number itself will inform us of all the characteristics of your new boiler and its accessories.

Boiler Owner's Registration

* Boiler Model: 
* Serial Number: 
* Installation Date: 
* Name: 
* Address: 
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* Province: 
* Postal Code: 
* Telephone: 
* Email Address: 
* Installing Contractor: 
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The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required to submit this contact form.

Contractor Service Registration: Pre-approval is required. To be pre-approved to perform warranty service work on Slant/Fin Lynx and VSL Modulating/Condensing boilers contact our Technical Service Department at 905-277-8400 for Dealer Agreement Registration Information.